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August 15, 2007

Driving across Thar Desert

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If you are a driving enthusiast and have a nice set of four wheels, how does a few days of pure driving pleasure sound? There can be only one answer – HEAVENLY!

Last week I got a nice opportunity for such a drive across the Great Indian Thar Desert in a convoy. Driving cross country in a convoy gives you a safety net in case you get struck and also offers further enjoyment as you observe other getting struck or struggle with difficult terrain. I was lucky to be part of the Petronas Expedition 2007 while it cut across a wide swath of Rajasthan desert from Jaipur to Khimser to Jaisalmer to Bikaner and finally ending in New Delhi. For most part the drive was on excellent road network that joins various town of Rajasthan and being tourist oriented state the roads are kept in superbly good condition.

However icing on the cake were the few off-road sections that were set as challenge to the expedition. First of these was the Sambhar Lake bed situated about 120 kilometres from Jaipur. Normally a flat salt pan that remains dry most of the time and even when water flows in it is absorbed very fast. However the “lake” turn to quagmire with little bit of rain and here we were attempting a crossing in middle of Indian monsoon season.


The first section was of eight kilometres length and straight as an arrows flight. With all the horsepower on command in an cross country four wheel drive vehicle, and on specially fitted off-road tyres, the drivers were still left jittery. Justifiably so since as soon as the vehicles hit the lake bed they were slithering and sliding any which way. Covering no more than two kilometres seven of the twenty four cars got struck in mud and the whole convoy stood back till strategy to extricate these was worked out.


The first eight kilometres took three hours to get through. Once the vehicles were free of the mud it was pure thrill driving over a flat pan with speedo needle going beyond 120kmph! It looks all too easy till you hit a bump or series of undulation which give you a scare considering the velocity. Midway through the lake bed there is a ancient temple dedicated to “Shakhambari Mata” and is a pilgrimage point for local people. This provided and ideal rest point and allowed for a quick check on the vehicles. The picture shows a driver looking disgustedly at all the mud that covered his vehicle, even the roof.


The second portion of lake bed was equally interesting and gave quite a few of thrills. After the lake bed the track climbed a rocky hill with a steep incline and through a narrow defile, dubbed the “Dead Camel pass” in honour of a dead camel carcass rotting away here giving a horrible stench forcing every one to hold their breaths till turning blue in the face! Getting to a sandy river bed beyond the pass the power of four wheel drive shone through as all the vehicles made short work of this to hit the highway on the other side. All drivers heaved a sigh of satisfied relief on reaching the tarmac ribbon that was to take us to Khimser Fort, a heritage hotel, for a night five star luxury. Swapping stories of the day while reviewing pictures and raising cheers of drinks made all forget the body aches.

Starting after breakfast next day for a nice drive on NHAI built toll road lead us to Deechu from where we had planned a long cross country section of more than 120 kilometres leading to fabled city of Jaisalmer. Off road drive through sand dunes and barren rock surfaces meant a slow drive. There were two smaller salt pans to be crossed and these were also slushy. While no one got struck it was still a thrilling experience with wheels sinking in more than one third in to the soft surface.


Lunch was had on the run in middle of nowhere and comprised of tinned food and bread with company of a herd of sheep as is seen in the picture above. A big thrill of the day was to see a large herd of “Chinkara” gracefully running across the endless sand.Sam, about 50 kilometres beyond Jaisalmer, was the location of night halt. Here we were to camp out in open under the sky. The location of camp was next to the sand dunes and as soon as the sun went down the horizon the cool breeze sprung up which continued through the night. In fact it became positively chilly towards the morning.


Starry sky was a sight to behold and it left me wondering why we do not see such beautiful sight in Delhi. A fireside dinner was followed by a interesting vistor – a desert viper! After the excitement had died down every one fell asleep and one could hear melody of snores. Morning “functions” were all done in the open while keeping a sharp lookout for the cousins of the visitor from previous night!An obligatory visit to the Jaisalmer fort in the morning followed by a lovely drive on the national highway to Bikaner did not stress any one. Arriving well in time at Gajner Hunting Lodge every one spent time boating across the lake till lovely sun set. That night’s catch up of

shared experiences of last three days over dinner and drinks had a sense of urgency as this was the last night out and we were headed towards Delhi in the morning. Outdoor dinner by lakeside was accompanied by dance and music by local performers which drew loud appreciation from everyone.


August 2, 2007


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This is a different post and sort of offers a overview on my experience if promoting open source software (OSS).

Are you interested in Open Source? A simple question like that may leave your partner in conversation with a blank. At least that is the reaction I get from most of my friends and acquaintances.

Then I go a little further and fill in that I am talking about software. Some lights begin to shine. Some glimmer of understanding start to show. BUT still there is whole lot of confusion, “ mean like software from Nehru Place?”

No, no, no! Not piracy but open source! Open source like in “Muft and mukt software.” The next penny drops and I can see behind the eyes outright rejection “if it is free its got to be worthless.”

Now I come up with supplemented argument of how most secure services run on Open Source. But proof of pudding is in eating it. So I put forward the argument “While most of Open Source Software does not run on Window platform there are few and best is to try out OpenOffice.”

Some, very few, do actually take the plunge and try out. A even smaller percentage actually want to go further. And those who do become champions of OSS.

This post is for this small minority. What next?

What the hell is open source? Why should you be bothered? What it means to me? For all your questions one upcoming even is Freed.In Invest in little time and I am sure that there is going to be lots of return than you ever expected.
PS: (07-08-07)
A post on Slashdot provides with a very interesting toung in cheek comment by Mostly a lurker (634878) on paid versus free:
… why would you give it away for free”?”
Very valid argument. Incidentally, any of you with girlfriends that are providing you with free sex should carefully consider this. The streetwalkers in your nearest city must be better because otherwise they would not be able to charge for it. While your girlfriend might be OK for some amateur playing around, if you are looking to become serious and marry, you need to find someone who is professional about this.


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